Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dance Dance Immolation

From that hottest of hot chicas, Morley:

Hey all,

If you're interested in playing Dance Dance Immolation and you're *not* going to the playa (or can't ensure your sobriety on the playa..), come out Sunday, August 7th for our beta test run!

WHAT: Dance Dance Immolation beta* testing! Yeah, that flamethrower dancing video game thing. Anyone can play: first-come, first-served.

WHEN: Sunday, August 7th. 4pm until we run out of propane! Gameplay will begin when it gets dark, around 9pm. Come earlier and enjoy the BBQ and play non-fire DDR on a huge video screen!

WHERE: NIMBY in West Oakland. for directions

SPECS: To play: wear long pants & long sleeves made of natural fibers (cotton!), and close-toed shoes (preferably not platforms/heels...). You can't be _visibly_ intoxicated. It helps if you know how the game works. Come early to practice!

BRING: Cash if you're feeling generous, snacks, and a blank t-shirt if you want to get it stenciled with the DDI logo.

ETC: We are still collecting donations towards the project. We've raised $4000 of our estimated $7000 in project costs. Every little bit counts. (The propane for the beta test alone will cost roughly $150!)

Seeya on the 7th!


*"beta": safety systems are fully functional. the beta refers more
accurately to layout, game flow, fuel consumption estimates, etc. we won't
kill you. at least, we don't intend to.


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