Friday, August 26, 2005

Dance Dance Immolation, Redux

It seems Gizmodo has (finally!) discovered DDI, the beta test for which we blogged about here at Doublejack, Inc. back in July. Morely, the artist responsible for this hot, hot treat, is a Close Personal FriendĀ® of ours, even if she won't be camping with Fandango this year. (Traitor!)

Still, we love Gizmodo anyway, and we thank them for many fine tips, ideas, and so forth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A close personal friend whose name you misspelled. It's Morley. :)

9:39 PM  
Blogger Bill E. said...

dammit! technically, that's a typo, not a misspelling. i went back and triple-checked how she signed her own emails just 'cause I know I'm prone to misspelling it...and then when I posted it my fingers must've got tangled up. Sorry Morley!

3:04 PM  
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