Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Don't Want A Pickle...I Just Want A GPS For My Motorcycle

TomTom, the "portable GPS" personal navigation folks have a unit specifically designed for motorcycles... Coming Soon.

Every few weeks the question pops up on the motorcycle email list I'm on; "What's the best GPS unit?" Well, it seems TomTom was paying attention. Here's what will (hopefully) make this Coming Soon TomTom RIDER the obvious choice:

Designed for 2 wheels: TomTom RIDER isn’t just weatherproof, it also gives you a perfect view of the screen thanks to anti-glare screen technology and an integrated sun-visor
Easy to use: drive mode tailored for simple touch-screen operation, even with gloves
Clear 3D maps and spoken instructions: hear crystal clear turn-by-turn instructions in your helmet in the language of your choice using Bluetooth TM wireless headset
Home charger: Battery life up to 5 hours + battery cable (recharges from bike’s battery) means you are always ready to ride.
Door-to-door planning: Find your way to any address in the United States
Hands-free calling: TomTom RIDER routes calls from your mobile phone using a wireless Bluetooth link so that you can keep in touch safely without taking off your gloves or helmet.
Wireless headset included: Bluetooth receiver + earphone cable with integrated microphone
Mounting kit available to make RIDER fit any bike or scooter

No price yet. Stay tuned. UPDATE: Available for Pre-Order from a few places, with one of the lower prices showing $1,099 at Tiger GPS, which claims it's "expected to ship Mid-October, 2005" so...any day now?


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