Tuesday, January 17, 2006

...And Portable Power Corrupts Portably.

See, who says the mlitary is useless. They're the ones that field things like this here portable solar power thingamawhatsis. I'm still waiting for word from my good friend, oh, let's call him Alt.Energy.Guru, on what the real world effectiveness of an item like this might be. But let's just assume that it's at least good enough for charging your laptop, cellphone, FRS/GPS radio, etc. in the field. If you're a tax bracket or two above me, the $299 price tag might seem a bargain come hurricane/earthquake/apocolypsepalooza time. I'm just sayin'.

Rated Power: 10 Watts
Operating voltage: 15.4 V
Operating current: .6 amps (600mA)
Weight: .56 lbs (.25 kg) [that's about 9 oz. to you and me]
Dimensions folded length in.(mm): 10.3 (261)
Dimensions folded width in.(mm): 3.5 (89)
Dimensions folded thickness in.(mm): 1.4 (35)

Dimensions unfolded length in.(mm): 20.5 (521)
Dimensions unfolded width in.(mm): 23 (584)
Dimensions unfolded thickness in.(mm): .06 (1.5)

UV resistant, weatherproof.
Reverse blocking diode.
Rugged construction.
Comes with female lighter adapter.
Daisy chain multiple units together for additional power.
3 Year warranty.

[via CoolHunting]


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