Friday, July 29, 2005

Bacon for your owie?

There's only one thing that smells like open sore, and that's BACON!

Available at Archie McPhee.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

An Evil Game

I spent 20 minutes on Level 6 and still didn't make it.

Find Fandango on the playa

Fandango now has an address at Burning Man this year:

Fandango --> 7:00 and Catharsis --> (350'x500')

BTW, it seems our long-range plan for Total Playa Domination is continuing apace. We currently have the 4th largest space allotment, behind only Gigsville (500x600), Alternative Energy Zone Village (500x500), and Shangri-La Village (400x500). Hide Give us your women and children!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dance Dance Immolation

From that hottest of hot chicas, Morley:

Hey all,

If you're interested in playing Dance Dance Immolation and you're *not* going to the playa (or can't ensure your sobriety on the playa..), come out Sunday, August 7th for our beta test run!

WHAT: Dance Dance Immolation beta* testing! Yeah, that flamethrower dancing video game thing. Anyone can play: first-come, first-served.

WHEN: Sunday, August 7th. 4pm until we run out of propane! Gameplay will begin when it gets dark, around 9pm. Come earlier and enjoy the BBQ and play non-fire DDR on a huge video screen!

WHERE: NIMBY in West Oakland. for directions

SPECS: To play: wear long pants & long sleeves made of natural fibers (cotton!), and close-toed shoes (preferably not platforms/heels...). You can't be _visibly_ intoxicated. It helps if you know how the game works. Come early to practice!

BRING: Cash if you're feeling generous, snacks, and a blank t-shirt if you want to get it stenciled with the DDI logo.

ETC: We are still collecting donations towards the project. We've raised $4000 of our estimated $7000 in project costs. Every little bit counts. (The propane for the beta test alone will cost roughly $150!)

Seeya on the 7th!


*"beta": safety systems are fully functional. the beta refers more
accurately to layout, game flow, fuel consumption estimates, etc. we won't
kill you. at least, we don't intend to.

We've gotta start meeting like this

Welcome. Thanks for coming. I'm sure we'll be great, great friends. Or at least contemporaries.