Monday, August 01, 2005


Too late in the day for truly clever headlines. I just wanted to share my *joy* over my most recent purchase -- the Eureka Optima 431a. If it came in a better color, it'd be perfect.

I just needed a better vacuum than my wee cordless Dustbuster to keep up with my little shedmonster's daily cat-hair bonanza. I first saw the Optima on some design blog months ago, and searched in vain for one to buy. Then on Saturday I saw it in a Target flyer, and less than 3 hours later it was sucking the bejeezus out of my area rug.

It's so small and light that I really wasn't expecting much, but I swear I think it was sucking up dirt from *under* my rug. Seeing the amazing amount of dirt and hair from just a little 5'x8' section of the rug made me a bit queasy...and then really, really happy!

Anyway, at less than $60 I declare this the bargain of the month.


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