Monday, October 24, 2005

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Flo0oRrrruwowow...

Absinthe! Get yer absinthe here!

Who knew? Popular wisdom (i.e., what I always heard) has been that absinthe, that wormwoody favorite of Picasso and Hemingway, is illegal in these United States. Apparently, Not So. These fine folks from the Czech Republic insist it's only illegal for bars or restaurants to sell it -- but that it's fine, just fine, for citizens to buy or own it.

It ain't cheap, but shipping's only $25 whether you order 1 bottle or 15, so get your psychonaut friends together and order en masse. Myself, I think I'm gonna try the Absinth King of Spirits Gold -- it's $199 for a .7 liter bottle, but it's 35 140(!) proof (70% alcohol), and contains "100mg of psychoactive Thujone." So, you know, bottoms up!

From their website:

"Natural green in color, this product is all natural and is bottled with fresh herbs and wormwood, to distill inside and enhance the taste and Thujone content. This product is great for a gift or to make memorable impression at a party; a must try for any creative writer or artist.

Although this product is not allowed to be sold by businesses located inside the US and most of Europe Absinthe is legal to posess in the United States. It is also legal for customers in these countries to buy from international companies (such as ours) and we currently ship worldwide."


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