Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't Break the Silence

I'm in heaven! The first I learned about Oblique Strategies was when I picked up my ex-girlfriend's rare 3rd Edition set and asked her about it. "Oh, that was something my boss had on his desk at my old job. You want it?" Yes! Yes, I wanted it! But no...I sensed it was probably more valuable than she realized, so I demurred (like a dumbass!) and did a little research first. Long story short, I now wanted it more than ever...and she wasn't about to part with it.

Originally, it was a deck of "creative inspiration" cards developed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. (You can learn all about 'em here.) For years they were out of print and very hard to find. Sure, there have long been web versions and even an old school Apple hypercard(!) stack from way back. And now, finally, there's a 5th Edition that you can order (for about $60) here.

But now I have instant access to the whole set, thanks to this handy, free widget. Sweeeeeeet.


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