Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wholly Crap! It's Channel 1, Part II...

O.k., about 12 years ago my roommates from the House of Losers and I were stumbling around on Haight street in San Francisco after midnight when we came across about a dozen unopened cardboard boxes piled around the trash cans on the sidewalk. They were labelled "Channel 1," and apparently they weren't hot sellers. Basicially, though, they were just like these, but they used velcro instead of suction cups, and they had an opaque 'frame' around the edge. Of course we (alright, I) took a few of them home to try out and maybe pass off as gifts someday. But they were so stupid looking they just ended up cluttering up our storage closet for a few years. (I did mention it was called the House of Losers, right?)

They're calling this one the Groovetube. Available soon on a trash pile near you!


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