Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Must. Have. Pet. Dinosaur!

This is all over the Internets the last couple of days, and for good reason. Think Aibo (R.I.P.), but softer, cuter, more lifelike, and just-back-from-millions-of-years-of-extinction, and you've got Pleo.

He's not available for adoption yet, so I don't know how much it'll set me back (yeah, this seems like one of those must-have kinda things), but he sure sounds like a worthy companion. From the website:

Pleo is a 'designer species'. He incorporates all the basic traits of autonomous life. He is specifically engineered and enhanced to mimic life and relate to his owner on a personal level.

Pleo is equipped with senses for sight, sound, and touch. He learns as he explores his environment. He will exhibit genuine reactions to sensory stimuli. Every Pleo begins life with certain tendencies but, interaction with his environment has subtle effects on his behavior. Every Pleo eventually exhibits a unique personality.

Pleo is capable of expression. He can feel joy and sorrow, anger and annoyance. When Pleo is tired, he will become drowsy and go to sleepĆ³even dream. Two or more Pleos will recognize one another. Be careful though. They can transmit colds to each other. Achoo! Pleo even sneezes!


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