Monday, February 13, 2006

Multi-Task My @$$, I'm Gonna Multi-Lounge...

At $2440 + shipping, the Flipt (get it? it flips from Lounge to Chaise Lounge) is too rich for my blood. But it's a cool and inspirational design, don't you think? Being a fan of details, I especially like the flat metal base -- I simply loathe the chrome tubing look that I see popping up everywhere these days. If you're all flush with the Benjamins, you can buy one here.

Dimensions : when folded 31.4” h x 38.5”w x 22”d; when extended 31.4”h x 75”w x 22”d

[Now, everybody wave to the nice folks over at bltd. and thank them for the swell tip.]


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