Monday, December 05, 2005

Have Bar, Will Travel...or Maybe Just Stash it in My Desk at Work

When I was a more active Swap Meet and Flea Market hound than I am now, I used to come across the occasional "travel bar." I thought they were pretty neat, but I never picked one up because, well, when was I ever really going to haul it anywhere? They were generally about the size of a breadbox, and I for one prefer to carry around things that are on the smaller than side of the Breadbox Continuum.

But now there's this here Mini Travel Bar. It's $50 at one of my favorite stores, Flight 001 (there's one right down the street from me -- Joy!).

[via productdose]

NOTE: In doing my due diligence, I also found the more imaginatively named Picnic at Ascot Mini Travel Bar Set at R.E.I. for only $39. But it's a bit bigger and only comes with one flask, so...Caveat Emptor, and all that.


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